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Talking 'bout my Genre-ation!




Today we go over two of the most popular genres, Crime/Thrillers and


Spy films. The themes of larceny, robbery, and murder, whether on a


grand or small scale has always captivated audiences. Likewise, the


movie going public's fascination with espionage has never waned.


Reaching a peak in the Cold War years, they have maintained 


momentum  through the Millennium. Here now are my most highly


suggested films in both categories.


Crime/ Thrillers


1.The Godfather

2.The Third Man

3. Lantana

4.Baby Driver

5. To Die For

6. Dog Day DayAfternoon

7. Serpico

8.Once Upon a Time in America

9. In Cold Blood

10. Assault on precinct 13

11. The French Connection

12. M


13. Touch of Evil

14. Dirty Harry

15. Night of the Hunter

16. Casino

17. Goodfellas

18. Layer Cake


19.The Long Good Friday

20. Snatch

21.Sexy Beast

22. The Maltese Falcon

23. Fargo

24. Across 110th Street

25. Blood Simple




My Mandatory Spy Films


1. The Tailor of Panama


2.The 39 Steps

3. 3 Days of the Condor

4. The Ipcress File

5. Munich


6. The Quiller Memorandum

7. Goldfinger

8. Dr. No

9. From Russia with Love

10. The Manchuria Candidate (1962)

11. North by Northwest

12. The Marathon Man

13. Day of the Jackal

14. The Eiger Sanction

15. The Spy Who Came in From the Cold

16. Nikita

17. The Odessa File


18. Notorious

19. The Jason Bourne Franchise

20. The Lives of Others

21. Tinker. Tailor, Soldier, Spy



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